Thursday, October 17, 2019

Pig Judging at the Yamboree

Rode with Dan to watch Nephew Zach show his pigs at the Yamboree!  Quite interesting & he placed 4th with the 1st one & 3rd with the 2nd one!  Great job.  Got kudos for his handling too!

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Tiger Creek Wildlife Sanctuary with Family!

This afternoon we rode with Patrick & met Dan, Linda, Rebecca, & Jonah at the Tiger Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Hawkins, TX. 

We had a guide, Allie, & she introduced us to all the animals (mostly cats, but a couple of raccoons too).  Enjoyed the visit & impressed with the hard work they are doing to rescue these beautiful animals from improper situations.  This sanctuary is very small compared to the one in Colorado, but they are still working hard to keep their animals happy & healthy.  Made for a lovely afternoon.

Found a lovely restaurant on Hawkins Lake, called Taste of Italy on the Lake.  It is owned/operated by a couple from Albania.  She was really fun & interesting to talk to & the food was excellent.  It was a beautiful day, but a little chilly (mid 60's), so we sat inside & enjoyed the view for our meal, then wandered outside to take a few pictures.

Back to the home place to look at our peaceful pond & visit Patrick's pigs & chickens.  Zach will show 2 of the pigs at the Yamboree next week.  Hope they do good!!  Forgot to get any pictures of the kittens.  They are growing fast & all too cute.  It is quite a menagerie around here!  Gonna miss it!  We'll leave for Mesa next Saturday.