Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Favorite time of the Year - Vashon Island!!!

After enjoying RoundARama, 

we headed to Texas to park our RV for a few days

before flying to Seattle for our favorite time of the year.  Our annual visit to Vashon Island

We do a little computer work while enjoying the view & get to take some walks on the beach & through the woods.  Picking black berries!  They are a little smaller this year - there hasn't been much rain.  But still juicy & sweet.

Friday, June 28, 2019

Los Pinos with Family & Friends

Friday, 28 Jun 2019 - Los Pinos Restaurant & Winery - Pittsburg, TX

Met some family & friends at the local winery tonight for dinner & laughter.  A bit hot, but food & company were great!

Sunday, June 16, 2019

Galveston - Family Cruise, Jun 2019!

😊  Woo Hoo!  Going on a Carnival Cruise with Family!  

1st Day! - Boarding

We joined my nephew, 2 nieces & their families for a 6 night Carnival Freedom cruise out of Galveston.  Our first time to be on a family cruise!  Looking forward to it!  We all rendezvoused at the nearby Target & caravan-ed to the Port! 

Dealt with the masses boarding the ship & survived!  We're all wearing matching Tshirts that say 
"Oh Ship - it's a Family Trip!"

Here we are!  Going aboard!!!

Watching for dolphins!  There were 2 shadowing us!

After the mandatory mustard (really muster!) drill, we met on deck 10 to watch the sail off from Galveston.   Such hard work, it's deserving of a little snooze!


We invited everyone up to enjoy our wrap around balcony before dinner.

George & I did a little dancing!

After dinner several of us headed to the Red Frog pub & played some games!  Great First Day!!!

2nd Day - at Sea!

Everybody explored & ate & played & got used to the ship.

3rd Day! - Costa Maya, Mexico

Zach swimming with the dolphin

George & I were supposed to go snorkeling, but it was too windy & the excursion was canceled.  Worked out well, because we ended up being able to see Patrick, Julie, Zach, Kelley, Tara, & Maddie swim with the Dolphin!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

Aftermath of a storm

A storm came through yesterday.  A bit of lightning & some rain, nothing major for us - caused some flooding in a few other places, so we heard.  Noticed some unusual colors after it passed us by!

Gonna try this for a bit & see how it works!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Traveling with Stan to Santa Catalina - 4

Saturday, 27 Apr 2019 - Exploring Avalon, Santa Catalina

After a leisurely wake up & breakfast on the yacht, we went ashore & walked over to watch the fishermen & see the divers along the pier around the casino.  We had hoped to snorkel, but we talked to the divers in their wet suits & they said it was very very cold! 

We decided to take a Jeep tour of the island, even though it was a bit foggy!  Sherri, our driver talked non-stop about the history & relating stories about the island.  These Spanish Eucalyptus were planted by Mrs Wrigley to keep the stage coaches on the road!!

We stopped at the airport, but it was all fogged in!

As we continued our drive, the fog lifted & the views got more & more spectacular!

We pulled off on a side road to see the WWII barracks (just cement holes in the ground left). 

We realized the jeep had a flat!  Sherri started trying to take care of it, but couldn't get the lug nuts off, so George helped.

We were treated with a great interaction with the well renowned bison herd!!  They were originally brought over in 1924 by Zane Grey to make one of his silent movies.  Since then, they have become a huge tourist attraction & the herd is maintained at about 150 beasts by a method of birth control!  They were big & healthy looking!

We continued towards the end of the island with a last stop for a picture of us.

On the way back, we were lucky enough to see a mule deer and then the little native fox came out to pose for us beside the road!!!  He's smaller than the mainland red fox and just as cute as a button!

We stopped for another picture of the harbor & a view of Stan's yacht!!  It is 4th row from the shore & has a blue top.

We had another lovely relaxing evening on the boat that evening.