Wednesday, February 24, 2021

3rd Day - Bisbee Wanders

 Decided to spend our Wednesday wandering around Bisbee.  Had downloaded a map showing the route of the Bisbee 1000 Stairs Race & generally followed it.  It doubled back & forth to hit all the stairs, so we modified it so that we'd just see the area in general.  By the way - this map has south on the top!  Confused me mightily!!!

Spent the morning on the west end around the historical center & back to have lunch.  Wish we could have taken advantage of some of the inviting bars & restaurants, but we decided Covid was still too much of a danger!

Our AirBNB on Tombstone Canyon Road was about midway in the suggested walk, so we made our way back for a short break, then headed out on the east side.  The route allowed us to get views from both north & south sides of the canyon walls.  We followed the trail back into town & ended up back at the Ironman statute, so took a last walk along the historical main street & window shopped.  

We thought about going back out to Whitewater Draw to say bye to the birds, but elected to sit outside the AirBNB & have a beer instead!  It was a lovely relaxing day & really relaxing afternoon.  We spent the evening watching movies!  Such a great mini-vacation!!!