Friday, March 27, 2020

Superstition Mountain Cougar Shadow

Superstition Mountain Cougar Shadow, 27 Mar 2020

So first here's an official description about the cougar & something I found on line.

When and where to view the Superstition Mountains cougar shadow

  1. Timing is critical. The cougar only appears during the third week of March and September. The last thirty minutes before official sunset is prime time for viewing.
  2. If you want to see this phenomenon in person, head to the vicinity of Superstition Blvd and Goldfield Road in Apache Junction for a relatively unobstructed view.
#1 rule of enjoying nature: Leave only footprints, take only pictures.

Viewing tips:

  • There is a wide shoulder on the east side of Goldfield Rd (opposite the homes) where you can pull off to view the cougar and take pictures.
  • Check the forecast before you go. The cougar shadow is usually only visible if the western sky (where the sun sets) is free of clouds.
  • Please be respectful of people who live in the area by keeping music and voices at a low volume. And of course, leave no trace that you were there.
The picture of the Superstition Mountains Cougar below was taken from the open space access point at 4th Ave & Goldfield Road in Apache Junction, AZ on September 17, 2018.
Time lapse image of the cougar taking shape then disappearing as daylight fades:
time lapse of cougar shadow appearing and disappearing on a mountain
Time lapse image of the Superstition Mountains Cougar photographed from 4th Ave & Goldfield Rd in Apache Junction

Now, here's my pictures that we took outside of Marlyn & Michele's resort!

It's pretty cool!  Hope everyone gets a chance to see this fabulous phenomena!!

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